A letter written in French from Antoni Ostrowski to Daniel O’Connell (September 1839). Reproduced courtesy of the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw (Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Archiwum Ostrowskich z Ujazdu. Listy od A. Ostrowskiego, 1839, call number 407, p. 3).

Paris, 22 September 1839


It is on behalf of the members of the Polish Parliament that I have the honour of sending you the expression of high esteem and perfect gratefulness that they have for you. It is you who were the first, in the Parliament of England, to raise your voice for Poland with a dignity that suits the most holy of cause[s], [namely], for the independence of nations. More than one of your colleagues imitated [emulated] you but if their speeches awakened our sympathy, yours  had repercussions for our cause. We would have spoken in the same manner ourselves. From now on you are a Polish man for us ….

It is in this way, as President of the Polish parliament, anticipating the possible arrival of its members in Great Britain, that I appeal to ask you in all confidence … for your help and advice. There is no-one better than you to show the necessary steps appropriate to take to your government, in order to obtain for the members of parliament a kind and suitable welcome. If destiny calls us to your homeland, it will please us to offer you our thanks for this new service carried out in the cause of Justice and Liberty. And as for me in particular, I would be pleased to get to know personally the one who has so valiantly fulfilled the great duties dictated by his standing and the trust of all.

Please you accept my high esteem and best consideration ….

Mr. Daniel O’Connel,

Member of the Parliament

Antoni Ostrowski’s letter to Daniel O’Connell (September 1839) and Polish-Irish Historical Contexts

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